Thursday, September 06, 2007

What a Second Half Ass-Whupping

So the Colts roll in the second half, shutting out New Orleans, and picking on poor former colt (and double first-namer Hall of Famer) Jason David, scorching Jason for 3 touchdowns, and a bunch of yardage besides.

Also, the vaunted New Orleans offense looked rattled by the previously not so vaunted Indy D. Brees made what one could call rookie mistakes--throwing off his back foot for an interception, for example. Saints receivers dropped passes that could have been first downs, perhaps thinking about the hit they were about to receive from Bob "Human Eraser" Sanders.

Short version: The Colts don't look like they are resting on their laurels. The Saints looked like a team who saved a city from destruction last year, and now have nothing to play for, now that New Orleans is all better.

To celebrate, here's Will Forte and Peyton dancing like idiots, but brilliantly. If you haven't seen this sketch before, you should really bypass the video below and go right to the full version here.
Also, kudos to Peyton for getting his shit together before his big moment. It looked harder to do that than to shred the NO Saints secondary. (Seriously, though, if you haven't seen this before, the build-up makes it so much better. Go Here!) Or you know, watch this weekend. NBC is replaying the Peyton episode tomorrow night.

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