Monday, September 10, 2007

Now What Did I Tell You About Mason Crosby?

Before the draft I reported my personal observations and some statistics on Mason Crosby, and yet some foolish teams drafted kickers ahead of this young man. Are you kidding me? Rookie debut, 3 for 3 from 53, 37, and a 42 yarder to win the game in the final seconds (also one touchback on kick-offs). Be excited Packer Fans, 40 yards is a chip shot for him, Mason can kick it from 70 yards - I think he'll be the one to take the record away from Elam and Mr. Square Foot - who beat the Lions with that kick.


lbutler36 said...

I used to go early to games to watch him warmup and kick 75 yarders, now I get to see him kick game winners for my packers. good deal

Andrew Wice said...

I do recall you humping Crosby in a post and I remember thinking, hmm ... who cares about the Packers kicker?

But I am glad to see your observations borne out, and it looks like the Pack has a good young kicker.

Kicker is a position that doesn't inspire much devotion. The few 100% sangfroid kickers around the NFL are worth hanging onto.

Crosby's very first kick in the NFL was from 53 yards. That's a good sign, no?

Wait, wasn't the game decided by a field goal?