Saturday, September 29, 2007

Catching Up With Macalester Soccer (Women)

So we've already documented the troubling week that the men had with Luther and Hamline (0-1-1, no goals scored).

How would the women fare against these teams? Not to get ahead of ourselves, but we'll reveal right now that the women's match against the hated Hamline Pipers was postponed due to some of the crazy ass rain we've had this week.

But they played Luther, and they destroyed them, 5-2. This actually marks the first time since the opening season loss that the Fightin' Scots have given up more than 1 goal in a game. They've been tough on defense, and punishing on offense, and this game was no different.

The most shocking thing about the game was that Scot Bad Ass Grace King didn't score. Five goals, no Grace King goals (two assists, though). And another assist from the perfectly named Maddie Mette.

Three underclassmen netted their first career goals for Macalester--Freshmen Emily Hall & Martha Coe, and Sophomore Katie Dittman.

I've watched Emily Hall's goal five times, and I still can't determine what the Luther goalie was thinking.

Coe's goal is a perfect example of Head Coach Leaney's philosphy--defense builds the offense, look for the easy pass out of the back, let your star make a play, and then PUT IT IN THE MIXER. Coe's finish in traffic is nice, but the quick counter is what makes this Mac Soccer.

And if Grace King didn't have any goals, then you know who had to have a couple. Bad-ass In Training Rose Betzler, who, as a sophomore, is compiling a pretty damn good season. 5 goals in 9 games is awesome. This duo have another year after this one to play together. Between Grace and Rose you have 14 goals. Her second goal is similar to the one above. Again, off a throw-in from the other team, you send a ball long to your best player, who makes a play on the ball that puts in the mixer for Grace King, and Rose finishes.

No video yet, and not much reporting even, but the Women also beat the laughable Bethel squad 2-0. Grace King assisted both goals.

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