Thursday, September 27, 2007

Its Not a Mystery its History and Here's How it Goes

How very fitting that Brett Favre, the uber-everything for the state of Wisconsin, is poised to break Dan Marino's TD record against the Minnesota Vikings. I am no researcher, nor do I want to be, but Brett has had to have thrown at least 1 Million touchdown passes against the Vikings over the years. For a time there he almost kept pace with his interceptions thrown against the Vikings, however in later years as the veteran QB cleaned up his act, he could throw a few TD's a game against the Vikes without throwing two or more picks.

The deepest, darkest center of my Viking fandome still holds on to the possibility that Brett gets crunched between the Williams Twins early in the game, leaving him with a broken torso, scabies and a cleft palate, making it impossible for him to ever throw a pass again. It is a stretch to hope for such beautiful Jesus miracles, so I am mostly resigned to the seeming inevitability of Brett Favre throwing at least one touchdown pass in Sunday's game against the Vikings and breaking Marino's long held record. I am just happy as a baby tiger on its surrogate mother dog's teat that John and Big Gay Al won't be covering the game. I would probably have to either watch the game with the sound off or kill myself if they were calling it.

Suck it Favre! The record ain't gonna feel so good when you are 3-1.


Muumuuman said...

He-he-he, the records like 420 dude. 420!

Barnyard said...

Anybody guess what this is?:

Rich Gannon
Gino Torretta
Jim McMahon
Warren Moon
Brad Johnson
Jeff George
Sean Salisbury
Daunte Culpepper
Todd Bouman
Tavaris Jackson
Kelly Holcomb

Miwacar said...

You missed a couple, but I know it is the answer to how many Vikings Qb's does it take to screw Brett Favre's a-hole at the same time, to make it feel like the very first time with Mark Chmura.


Andrew Wice said...

You missed Randy Cunningham, the best QB the vikes have had in a long time.

All he vikes have is run D, which means it is a casual assumption that the Packers will chuck it early and often. Everyone get out your noisemakers!

Miwacar said...

Does anyone know what tune the title of this post comes from?