Friday, September 07, 2007

AP Round Up

How much for my Lenny Dyestrka rookie card?

Honus Wagner card goes for 2.8 million dollars. Which of course will convince collectors that baseball cards are a great investment. Pay a quarter for one card, and wait 100 years, and look at that return. Of course, that only works if the card isn't considered valuable at the time. This kind of thinking almost ruined the comic book industry. The reason valuable cards/comic books are so rare, and therefore valuable is because people who bought them at the time didn't think they were valuable. So when paper drives kicked in during WWI and WWII, some of the first things to go were cards and comic books.

Don't delude yourself kids--that totally awesome rookie card you are holding on to? So are hundreds of thousands of other cats. Chalk it up to another way the elder generations are fucking us over, and move on.

Rick Ankiel is Available and Helpful

So Rick Ankiel's involvement with HGH was 3 years ago, and he says it was prescribed by a doctor, and that he's willing to work with the MLB. If that doesn't scream "life-time ban" than I don't understand the thinking at MLB headquarters (which are located on a remote Pacific Island carved in the shape of Bud Selig's flaccid penis. Yeah, you are welcome for that image.)

Chad, As A Fantasy Owner, I Beg You, Shut the Fuck Up

Johnson didn't reach the end zone in two games against the Ravens last season, so the fleet-footed, wide-mouthed star will seek to amend that situation at Paul Brown Stadium. He's so confident of scoring that he's already devised a plan to mark the occasion.

"This will probably be one of the greatest celebrations of all time," Johnson told Cincinnati reporters. "It's more of a let-you-know ahead of time what will come in the future for 85. It's going to be a good one. You'll like it."

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