Friday, September 21, 2007

A Gift From the God (or Gods)!!!

Holy Shit! You know just the other day I was thinking while I enjoyed a delicious clamato beverage (no that's not some venereal disease, it is a blend of tomato and clam juice - yes you can juice a clam!) if there was any way this could get better. You know, it can. Clamato can now be purchased mixed with my other favorite beverage, Budweiser, to form the ambrosia called Chelada!

I think Chelada is Spanish for yummy, or mouthwash for removing the taste of last nights vomit - in a CAN! Available at you local alcohol peddler! Can you think of a better beverage to start out with on Sunday? No! Chelada! Chelada! Chelada!


Jess said...

The thought of drinking tomato juice, clam juice and crap beer would produce a fresh round of vomit in my mouth to clear out the taste of last night's vomit.


Jess said...

Also, the Google ad that's up on the site right now is for:


Andrew Wice said...

This is so embarrassing. In New Mexico, there is a fave beverage called "red beer." This is a can of tomato juice mixed in equal parts with some crap domestic beer. Gross. There is a bigger pain-in-the-ass version which involves salting the rim and squeezing in limes.

The "chelada" (which is not a real word in any language) takes the white trash potential to a higher level, with pre-mixed mass-market canned clam juice, tomato and crap beer.

At the bar which I tend, we have had cans of this crap hanging around the walk-in for the entire summer.

I used to think Michelob Ultra was the height of gauche. Low-class, your name is Chelada.

Big Blue Monkey said...

This is the grossest thing I've read about today, and I read about vomit flavored jelly beans.

Andrew Wice said...

You did not read about vomit-flavored jelly beans.

Just curious though, were the jelly beans flavored like flu/food poisoning vomit, or tequila/bad milk vomit?

Andrew Wice said...

Now that I think about it, canned crap clam juice + canned crap tomato juice + canned crap beer is probably just the right mix of acid, sour, salty, bitter and crap that it perfectly reproduces the aroma of vomit (especially if allowed to raise above ice-cold).

They're sold in 16 ounce cans. Ain't no way that's getting finished before it gets warm.

MMMan, I think you've touched a nerve with this professional bartender in the new Mexico.