Friday, September 21, 2007

Catching Up With Macalester Soccer (Men)

We've been totally remiss, and we apologize, especially to Bad-Ass Grace King, who has been stuffing the stat sheet since we last praised her. More on her in a bit. First to the rather odd and troubling results from the men.

The Men's Schedule has been odd from the beginning of the season. What is Central College? What is Simpson College (was it a funny place 15 years ago, and just kind of entertaining now?). Why is Macalester playing colleges in Iowa that no one, including the parents of the children who attend there, have ever heard of? And why are the Scots tying them?

The Men opened up the MIAC by getting spanked by Carleton, which, while not unheard of, is not happy news. Giving up a hat trick to a kid who grew up 5 miles from Macalester, admires Wayne Rooney, and loves Ender's Game? Indefensible! Why isn't he in the Orange and Blue? (Note: I see that Carleton also played Simpson College. What the fuck?)

The men then went to a tournament in Wilmington, Ohio, for some reason, where they lost to something called Denison. Oops, it looks like Denison is no one to laugh at.

The men today, however, returned to their winning ways, and did so in the MIAC, against the hated "Oles" of St. Olaf. Those fucking fjordlickers got what was coming to them, getting downed 2-0, thanks to Nate Van Wylen and Carson Gorecki. Van Wylen, incidentally, hails from Northfield, so you see the balance here, right? Carleton (of Northfield) spanks Mac using a Twin Cities kid, and Mac spanks a Northfield team using a kid who probably loves Jesse James Days. It is the Circle of Life.

Big game coming up for Macalester against Luther, who are always a tough match. Incredibly improved Hamline after that. This is a big week for the men, both outside and in the conference.
On to the women!

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