Friday, September 21, 2007

Catching Up With Macalester Soccer (Women)

While the men have been struggling, the women have been rolling.

They've beaten Carleton 2-0, thanks to Grace King knocking in two goals. Of course, it helps when Carleton decides that the most dangerous striker in the MIAC doesn't need to be marked on a free kick. And let's not overlook Maddie Mette's fantastic free kick. Also, let's not overlook the fact that "Maddie Mette" is a fantastic name for a defender with skills.

The Fightin' Scot women continued to cruise, beating perennial coasters St. Cate's 3-nil. Grace King, as is her wont, netted two of those goals.

They needed double overtime to beat St. Scholastica, but beat them they did, (Grace King scored that goal)

And today, they went up to Northfield, and drubbed St. Olaf 3-1. Guess who had two of the goals? Go ahead and guess! If you guessed the motherfuckin' Grace King, you guessed right.

Since their opening match loss to nationally ranked UW Eau Claire, Macalester women have done nothing but win, and have outscored their opponents 12-1. DAMN! In the MIAC, it is 8-1.

The Fightin' Scots have a big game on Sunday against hated Luther at home. If you are a Twin Citian, perhaps you should think about giving up on your god-awful Vikings, and see what a winning dynasty looks like.

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