Saturday, September 29, 2007

Blogger Round-Up

But first, a quick Yahoo News Recommendation:

Great article on Joseph Addai. As a fantasy owner of Joe, this makes me so proud of him. It also makes me worry that he may have Anxiety Disorder issues. But he seems like a great guy. I tend to read self-deprecating profile articles about major athletes with a jaundiced eye, but Addai seems like the real deal here. The fact that Dominic Rhodes can't stop talking about how great the guy is, even though it meant Rhodes was exiled to the suck of Oakland is impressive.

On to the Bloggers

Double-Nickel, which hasn't updated recently, dug up a classic Mike Piazza card that really has to be seen to be believed. Mike Piazza isn't just "not" gay, he's also totally "not" into rough trade.

Over at the also rather infrequently updated City Pages BALLS! blog, Paul Demko gives us some things to think about as the MLS regular season wraps. I like Paul and I love his passionate interest in the MLS, which is something that I've not yet been able to quite muster. I do agree with him that this season was the best season of the MLS yet. I admit I watch much less MLS than Demko, who watches way too much MLS; regardless we have come to the same conclusion:

Alexi Lalas should never have another job in MLS: His ineptitude is staggering. I love the fact that Lalas isn’t afraid to court controversy, but his track record is simply atrocious.

It is important to note that the City Pages dedicated their cover story this week to the Metrodome, somehow only 25 years old this week. G.R. Anderson wrote a very nice tribute/summary of the Dome here. Anderson also provides us with the Top 10 Best and Top 10 Worst Moments in Metrodome history. One beef with the Best list--really, no room for Cal Ripken Jr's 3000th hit? But there was room for High School Football? Harumph!

We just realized that Pacifist Viking isn't on our blogroll. That is our bad. Go read what a nuanced, relatively sane Viking fan thinks. It will be a welcome change from some of the nutjobs on this site, or in the local press. (Contributor miwacar told me that he agreed that the Vikings are only a consistent QB away from the playoffs, because the defense is just that good. Which is laughable).

Doberman on the Diamond has Ryan Braun exactly right. Wisconsin native and sometime contributor Barnyard said something very similar to me just this past week. Braun's defense can be rightfully categorized as awful, and may explain why his phenomenal bat was left in the clubhouse for so long. Hey, Milwaukee, the Minnesota Twins have a fantastically great defensive 3rd baseman. Would you care to trade Ryan Braun for Nick Punto? We'd think about it.

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lbutler36 said...

If you want a decent QB digging through the Browns and Bill's castoffs is not a good place to look.