Sunday, September 23, 2007

Blog Round-Up

Those scurrilous scoundrels at The Big Picture have started another offensive "Would You Do" Tournament. We would totally write an angry editorial about how this demeans women, but we've already voiced our crush on The Black Widow, and we will not condemn any tournament she's a part of.

Equal Time: The "Ladies" are engaging in a frank assessment of a head coaches in the NFL. Specifically, who's hotter--Mike Nolan or Mike Tomlin? I say someone has Daddy issues to even suggest this a contest. SNAP!

Sniffing the Touchline has an excellent round-up of the very early goings-on of the Champions League. We are only going to steal one of the highlights he's got. Go read the post, he's got lots more where this came from. (This would be Glasgow Ranger Charlie Adam with a very nice finish indeed)

Our black lady friend at Leave the Man Alone has her thoughts on Donovan McNabb, and they are (unsurprisingly) worth reading. Also, we never link to Leave the Man Alone's fashion round-up, but her most recent one is stunning. Curtis Martin looks great in a cream suit jacket; Carson Palmer looks like he stole his cream suit jacket off a bum. I think the key is the tie. Martin went dark; Palmer went with 70's flea market. We don't like her making fun of Sage Steele, though, who is dreamy, and has a porn name all set to go.

Doberman On the Diamond has his thoughts on McNabb, too. They are about as far away from Leave the Man Alone's (or our's) as you can get. Normally, we dig the DotD, but here, they are way off, and their point about how there are kids in Africa that are starving seems to me, again, proving McNabb's point. McNabb shouldn't be getting compared to shitty White Quarterbacks, and he certainly shouldn't be getting compared to child soldiers in Africa--what's the connection there? They're both black? Good point. Put it in the ledger as another "stop being uppity, McNabb" opinion, but one that has the balls to go to Africa to prove a point.

We Are The Postmen have a look into what's going on at the head offices of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Pranks! Anything that makes Danny Ferry sad is awesome in our book. We bet he cried, because Danny Ferry seems like the crying sort. Fuck you, Danny Ferry!

Finally, the urbane tramp at This Suit Is Not Black has a lovely story about gamer exhaustion. This sort of thing always seems to happen in China.


TheStarterWife said...

Daddy issues? Tomlin is only in his early-mid 30s!

Thanks for the link!

DOTD said...

For the record, I wasn't in any way comparing D McN to child soldiers in Africa. I was, however, pointing out the unfortunate timing of the story following his.

McNabb seemed whiny, acting like he has it rough ("why me?"), and then this story comes on about a kid from Africa who, it's fair to say, had it a bit more difficult yet was always smiling and happy to have electricity.

It was just interesting perspective, that's all.

Thanks for the link, even if it was to disagree.