Sunday, September 09, 2007

Fightin' Scot Profile: Grace King

As we mentioned at the end of our Fighting Scot Profile of Carson Gorecki, Grace King is fucking bad-ass.

Much like Carson, Grace exploded onto the MIAC scene last year as a sophomore, putting up impressive numbers. She was equally adept at setting up others as she was finishing her own chances.

This year appears to be no different. Grace scored the one goal for the Scots in a 3-1 loss to the #15 team in the nation, those damned blugolds of Eau Claire. (Mac, is should be noted, is ranked #21).

Against the lack-wits of UW-River Falls, Grace was the engine of a 3-1 rout, opening the scoring, and assisting on the two subsequent goals (both finished by Rose Betzler, who may at this rate get her own Fightin' Scot profile).

Let's have a look a the goals, shall we? Grace Geiger does the yeoman's work here, grabbing the intercepted pass, receiving the ball back on an overlapping run, and then just dribbling faster than her defender could keep up. She slots a nice cross for Grace King, who does excellent garbage work, as any great scorer must.

Here's Two-nil: It is the first of two goals off of throw-ins. Grace King, apparently a bit more knowledgeable about the field turf than her defender, let's the ball bounce over her head, and curls around her defender. She controls the ball wonderfully in traffic, and slots a pass. To be honest, I'm not sure how this shot ends up in the net. Possibly the keeper was overly distracted by Grace's run. All the same, Betzler's shot looks near post with the keeper on the near post, and flailing.

Three-nil looks an awful lot like 2-0. Grace takes a throw in, slots a nice touch to Betzler, who really puts a good rip in this time around. No faulting the keep here--this shot, once it came of Rose's boot, was pretty much unstoppable.

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