Friday, September 28, 2007

Andrew Wice, A Reckoning is Coming!

Back in May, you wrote this under the title of Randy Moss is the New Steve Buerlein:

The Packers need talent and Randy Moss needs someone to gently warm up his cervix and convince him to play. Moss & the Packers would be a terrible match. Moss is a small risk for the Pats, who have a good team. The Packers do not have a good team, and the likelihood of Moss imploding them like anti-matter was very high.

You had an enabler in Dan Gladow (who? what?) of, who you quoted as saying:

My advice to the Packers? Do something to address a crumbling offense before it reaches Raider-levels of ineptitude.

Explain yourself Wice! And see if you can get Gladow to admit to failing you.


Andrew Wice said...

Wow, you totally scorched me with a post from six months ago, dude.

Wait a minute, I stand by what I wrote. Moss joining the Packers would have been a disaster for both of them.

Meanwhile, wake me up when the Packers beat a good team.

Cait said...

I believe that would be Dave Gladow. ;)