Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Robble Robble Robble, Mayor McCheese Picks up Frye Guy

After a stunning opening day performance consisting of 34 yards in the air, 1 interception, and five sacks in seven drives Charlie Frye can finally bid farewell to his days as a Brown. Three years, 21 games, and 71 sacks later Charlie finally gets his Golden Ticket to Seattle. That leaves me wondering, does Mike Holmgren (coach of Montana, Young, Favre) see something in Charlie? Should we all pray for Brady Quinn? Yes we should.

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Andrew Wice said...

No kidding -- the Browns are blaming the QB who emerged in training camp as the best of bad options on a team that is so bad it is actually going backward in time.

Anyway, Holmgren = Mayor McCheese is good stuff. May I remind you of a frightfully witty post I made last year re: Roethlisberger (and I am glad to see him playing well) called Quarter(pounder)back.

The comeuppance is that Mayor McCheese is no more, voided due to copyright infringement. You can thank the cold-blooded capitalist pigs of HR Pufnstuff for that injustice.

Also, there's an unresolved discussion re: Steelers woes last season with MMMan & myself. I think we both make valid points but, obviously, I'm right.