Friday, September 14, 2007

Donkey in a Well

That's just not a headline you're going to get reading the New York Times.

You have to love Minnesota, and that sense that whilst we live in big cultured cities, there is plenty of rural nuttiness just nearby. Don't worry--the donkey is OK.

It also strikes me that "Donkey in a Well" should be a IDYFT neologism. It sounds like it could describe Bill Belichek in some sort of a way.

Photo by Jeffrey Hage, AP Photo/The Daily Journal


Jess said...

That donkey looks beyond adorable. I cannot stand it!

Andrew Wice said...

It looks like they're actually shoveling dirt onto the donkey ... my word, they'll bury it alive!

I enjoy the setup of "donkey in a well," and Bill Belicheater is certainly topical. Something about how after making a total ass of himself, he escapes the punishment he deserves?