Saturday, September 08, 2007

Blogger Round Up

According to The Postmen, Brian Urlacher has One Simple Rule for celebrations. Do them when you fuck up, too. That's a very working class Chicago attitude to have. Of course, if you do your celebration dance when you fuck up in actual working class Chicago, you become part of a Johnsonville Brat.

the Ladies point out that not only is Chutley a hell of a baseball player, and not only did he marry a somewhat non-traditional hot wife, and not only does he speak out about Global Warming, he also saves puppies. They compare Chutley to Captain America, and I'm sad I have to bear this news: Captain America is dead.

I say, for all we know, Chase Utley just saved the dog version of Adolf Hitler. We don't know what that dog will grow up to do, so you Ladies, before you moisten your underwear over Chutley, just know that the dog he saved could be pure evil.

Over at the Big Picture, the list of bloggers interviewed who aren't us continues to grow. Apparently, those dicks at the Big Picture have decided to interview bloggers who actually have an audience. Whatever, man, whatever. This time around, Orson from Every Day Should Be Saturday.

Leave the Man Alone has your preview of Touchdown Dances.

The man at Sports Couch Potato, who clearly loves Countdown as much as we do, is unsure where Keith Olbermann fits in the NBC Football scheme. I have to agree, though I don't want to.

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