Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Uh-oh, Vikings May be Blacked Out Locally

Just a couple of days ago, I linked to a story about how Jacksonville was looking at a potential home opener black-out. I mentioned at that time how when I first came to Minnesota, I witnessed that God awful phenomenon up close and personal.

And now, it appears that the Vikings may be headed down that road again. According to the Star Tribune's Viking Blog, the Vikes need to sell a little less than 4000 tickets by Thursday, or the game wouldn't be considered a sell-out, and won't be shown locally. If memory serves (it has been about 10 years) the game is not replaced with an out-of-market game, so we Minnesotans could be denied opening weekend football, or at least some of it. This can not stand!

However, if you think I'm paying money to see that dogpile in operation, you crazy.


Jess said...

Meh. If it's a choice between the Vikings and nothing I'm taking nothing. I did that most of last season and it worked out fine for me.

With no Queens to watch, I can get all my shit done for when the real games start!

david hayes said...

Even though I don't like the Vikings much, blackouts suck. If I were president, I'd make them illegal. Speaking of, why we don't we start a lobbying Congress for that?