Thursday, September 06, 2007

Vikings - A perfect WR is just waiting for you!

In an unprecedented move, the New England Patriots have cut their number 1 receiver from just last year, Reche Caldwell.

This fourth year WR would be the perfect addition to the WR weak Vikings team. Seriously Vikes - pick up this guy! He did great during the season, then ended the Patriots Superbowl hopes by dropping not one, but two passes in the end zone. Even the amazingly sure handed Chris Carter snuffed the Vikings by dropping a key fourth down pass in the play-offs, and we all remember a certain Viking kicker who missed one field goal all year - his last of the season. Could there be a better match for Minnesota? Me thinks not! Look at those eyes! Reche Caldwell would be well Clad in the Purple and Gold!

1 comment:

chris said...

Fab Eyes Caldwell! love that pic, won't miss his misses.