Thursday, September 13, 2007

Fast Kickin', Low Scoring... And Ties?!? You Bet!

Recently I've been asking myself why soccer hasn't caught on in the U.S. of A.

Its obviously not because of anything that the Soccer hating trogs out there say about the Beautiful Game. They, obviously, don't appreciate the wonderment, and yes beauty, of the most popular sport in world. So it must be something else.

Of course.


While on the face of it, it does seem reasonable to pay a vapid fairy from across the pond many millions of dollars to come over to the States to brand the sport on the minds of the soon to be Soccer loving American public, I would argue that these aforementioned millions would be better spent in recruiting a band of young Brazilian soccer playing 'ninjas' in order to 'spice' up the level of play of the MLS. While we all can agree that soccer does not hold it rightful place among the preeminent American sporting spectacles, we can't seem to agree as to the reason why.

I say, once the true, unvarnished grandeur of the sport is presented to the noble American public in all its glory, never again will some pedantic fool ask why the ball doesn't appear to be moving very much past midfield... but rather they will come to appreciate the growing anticipation that accompanies the holding of the ball.

Plus, they all iron their jeans. How cool is that?


Big Blue Monkey said...

funny, I could have sworn I made all these points a solid 6 months ago.

I guess the only way to know for certain is search the blog for Beckham and see what comes up.

Or just go here

Quote: But those GM's who might say to themselves, "You know for $40 million dollars, I could probably sign 20 young and raw but exciting players from South America and Africa" the answer is a solid NO from the Beckham rule. No more than two players over $400,000, and you have to trade the exemption spot to get up to two players!

Jerious Norwood said...

Oh! Suddenly because you had an 'original' idea, your post gets to be special does it? Elitist pig.

Andrew Wice said...

I think the first big push for soccer in the US and A was obviously Pele playing for the Cosmos. I saw Pele play (sort of) in the Meadowlands -- I was young enough to be playing soccer at that point. I quit soccer and started playing football at the earliest possible moment (4th grade, 1984).

The reason why soccer is like sun-warmed musky urine to the American consumer is that they have the NFL and NCAA football instead. Football is simply a much better sport. It is simply better.

If the people in other countries understood football the way we understand football, they would stop watching & playing soccer as well.

It's the difference between a player faking an injury in a sport where you can't even use your hands versus ... football.