Thursday, September 21, 2006

You Do Not Fuck With Gu Gu in Gu Gu's House

Mildly drunk Chinese hick leaps fence at zoo, tries to hug a panda, gets his shit kicked.

Readers and writers, of I Dislike Your Favorite Team, I would like to propose a neologism.

Hugging The Panda--Any time someone does something they think will be cute and/or fun, and turns out to be comically, horrifically disastrous. Bonus points for stupidity.

Remember when the Vikings drafted Demetrius Underwood, and he went AWOL from training camp and then stabbed himself in the fucking neck? Man, did they ever hug the panda.


Muumuuman said...

Underwood was neither cute nor fun.. well anyone who goes awol and stabs themselves in the neck must be a little fun. "Shit man, remember that one night Demetrius stabbed himself in the neck? He knew how to party!"

Badcock said...

Me gusto "hug the panda."

In the Chinese guy's defense, he did have "four draught beers."
Asian people usually have hilariously low tolerances. Although he probably would have been better off with Karaoke.