Tuesday, September 12, 2006

In Praise of The Assassin of Snelling Avenue

Maybe in our praise of the Fighting Fighting Scots, we managed to somehow undersell twice All-American goal machine Annie Borton.

We neglected, for instance, to note that she is Twice an All-American.

We certainly neglected it took her all of opening day weekend to score her first hat-trick of the year.

We predicted on these pages an absolute thumping of St. Cate's. However, we did not predict that Ms. Borton would notch her second hat trick of the season! Which is exactly what she did, in leading the Fighting, Fighting Scots to their 5-0 victory over those Quiet Librarians of St. Catherine's.

We failed to mention that Annie Borton, for her Labor Day Heroics, was named to the D3Kicks team of the week. (Prior to last night's heroics).

So, we say, Annie Borton deserves a nickname. A nickname that comes from the Media. We are pushing hard for a Google Bomb of sorts. We suggest including the phrase The Assassin of Snelling Avenue, and linking to Annie's home page. Let the country know, that there is a killer wandering the pitch at Macalester!


Badcock said...

Sorry, I don't know what you're on about, but if we're talking about a nickname for a girl soccer player (redundant), I've got a tackle-box full for you. What's her name, Annie Borton?

How about Annie "Squortin'" Borton?

I see a promotional gimmick: bobbleheads that squort when you squeeze them. Like Garbage Pale Prypleshes, but classier.

Miwacar said...

Annie "Lizzie" Borton

40 Lashes!

Muumuuman said...


Annie "Two times still ain't enough" Borton

You know, to honor her hat tricks and stuff. So... you gonna push her down on the playground soon Big Blue? I wouldn't, she'd kick your ass.