Friday, September 15, 2006

Legion of Doom Nominee: Mark R. Downs Jr.

Youth baseball coach Mark R. Downs Jr., of Uniontown PA, was convicted of corruption of minors and criminal solicitation to commit simple assault.

Downs offered to pay an eight-year-old $25 to bean a player to prevent him from playing. The beaning occurred during batting practice. The player was on his own team. The player was autistic.

The pitcher, Keith Reese Jr., testified that, on Downs's instructions, he purposely threw a ball that hit Harry Bowers (the autistic kid on his own team) IN THE GROIN. While the autistic kid was on the ground, the pitcher hurled another ball that hit the prostate child in the ear.

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Jerious Norwood said...

Sometimes I forget why I love America, thanks for reminding me.