Tuesday, September 12, 2006

In Praise of Pat Neshek

Again, he's quickly becoming a beloved figure in Minnesota Twins pitching.

He's been wonderfully documented in lego, by Bat-Girl, which we absolutely loved.

Many, many bloggers have commented on the Pat Neshek's blog, and I visited for the first time, to see his entry, dated on 9/11/06. Was it a rumination on the 5th year anniversary of the attacks on American Soil That Changed America Forever(tm)? Nope. Was it an intense look into what's it like to be an incredibly important reliever on a team chasing the Division championship and looking to hold onto the Wild Card slot? Nope.

It was all about the baseball cards he bought that day! Fucking awesome! It is like you took the 10 year old me, and then put me in the body of rocket sidearmer. One could theorize that a few years ago, Pat Neshek was 10 years old, and was on an abandoned boardwalk, happened upon a Gypsy Machine, and wished to be Big. He's a major leaguer, in the middle of a pennant race, and he's talking baseball cards! Fucking awesome, again.

So, way behind the curve, we say unto you, read Pat Neshek's blog.

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