Thursday, September 14, 2006

Tired of Being the Number 2... uh... Punter?

Can't score any chicks at college being the number 2 punter? I assume that's why Northern Colorado's Mitch Cozad stabbed the teams number 1 punter in the kicking leg. I know the punting competition at Northern Colorado (0-2) is fierce, and the rewards for being the number one kicker at Northern Colorado must be fantastic. He must think the Greeley police are very dim:

"Let's see, stabbed once from behind, outside his home, in his kicking leg, without any theft....Hmmmm..... Must be OSAMA!"

I guess Mitchy doesn't like competition, salad, or freedom from assault charges.

I hereby nominate Mr. Mitch Cozad for the Ed Carpenter Award.


Barnyard said...

I second your nomination. But why give up on blaming Osama so quickly? Freedom hater.

Badcock said...

I will personally pay $5 and a bag of roasted green chile peppers to whoever stabs Redskins PK John "Kid in the" Hall in the leg. Mitch Cozard, Osama, Shadow Stevens ... the race is on.