Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Celebrity Golf Tournament? A Local Sports Story

A good friend of many of the contributors of this blog, I’ll call him Cool D, was invited last minute to play in a golf tournament this past weekend. After being told that it was the annual Trent Tucker Celebrity Golf Tournament he quickly decided to play. The tournament is always a who’s who of pro sports, so of course Cool D thought that it is just the kind of event for him. Cool D has always had the charmed ability of finding himself in VIP rooms at world famous clubs, often surrounded by Playboy models and international persons of intrigue, so it was of no real shock that he found himself in crowd of people like Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Patrick Ewing, Charles Oakley, Chris Dolman, John Randle etc…

He was there to play golf and wasn’t intimidated by those who were opposing him, actually he was intimidated, not so much by the world famous athletes, but by playing for the first time ever in front of large galleries that often loudly proclaimed, “…ah he’s a nobody.”

Cool D is a serious competitor and not a bad golfer, so he was not thwarted by the likes of Jordan, who I am told is also known as quite a competitor. The day wore on and the galleries continued to question the validity of my friend’s existence, but undaunted he and his partner battled Pro Poker giant Hoyt Corkins and his partner in their foursome (there had been a poker tournament the night before, full of pro poker players which Jordan won).

Cool D was adamant that the poker players were the coolest and most accessible guys in the tourney and that Charles Oakley is a dick , but I digress. On the final hole of their round, Cool D hit an 8 foot birdie putt, which as it turns out, won the tournament. So not only does the charmed Cool D get invited to play in such a sweet event, but he wins it.

As a final aside, Cool D, a digital camera rep to Best Buy, didn’t bring a camera and has no pictures.

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