Thursday, September 07, 2006

Best put up or shut up

Since the season is about to begin in a few minutes, best publish some of my own predictions. As you will see tonight, Dante is back. He is a loss to the Vikings but he needed to move on a season ago. I predict a win for Miami tonight and Miami to win their division. Remember they finished last season beating NE with GUS. What about NE. The Pats are running an experiment, how much talent can we strip our team of and still have them win? This year will prove to be the breaking point. They won't be Browns horrible, but not their championship self. The Steelers are going to struggle this year. Sure, I've heard some columnist state they're the same team as last year but without the Bus. And what did he do? Just get a few yards here and there? The Steelers will find another way to get their few yards, they say, but it's not the yards I'm worried about. Picture yourself a Steeler. After Cower spits in your face you're feeling a bit demoralized, but as you wipe the spit and bacon bits from Cower's stash who comes to talk to you? Baby face Bus.

The Bus makes it all good, just take a look at that smiling guy! Without the Bus to fuel the teams spirit they're gonna fall short this year - short of the playoffs altogether. More to come....

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