Sunday, September 03, 2006

Redskins vs. Purple-Headed Peters

I love the enthusiasm shown by Vikings fans. But they sure put a lot of faith in preseason. It's as if they didn't know anything about football. The very act
of quoting preseason statistics is a demonstration of this.

The fact that I am eating oven-fresh frozen Banquet fried chicken at 1:35 AM does nothing to invalidate the verities which I hereby profess:

Gibbs uses preseason for player evaluations. He's not interested in showing the rest of the league our offensive & defensive playbook. This is what seasoned, three-time world champion coaches use the preseason for. In the case of first-time head coaches taking over mediocre programs with months and months of off-the-field embarrassments, whose first order of business is establishing accountability and a spirit of, if not pride, then at least Less Shame ... such coaches might almost be excused for running all the horses at full sprint from the get-go. So enjoy your lofty 2-1-1 preseason record. It will be the highest winning percentage you'll see all year.

Here's some facts that you can let dribble down your gaping, spastic and festering gob: the last time the Washington Redskins were winless in preseason, they won their first Superbowl. Guess who was the coach? Why, Hall of Famer & Three-Time World Champion Joe Gibbs, of course.

Another fact: How many TDs did the future World Champion Pittsburgh Steelers score in the 2005 preseason? Zero.

So please, talk more shit. It's just going to make it better.

But seriously, anyone look at the NFC East recently? It's stacked from top to bottom, just like the old days. God I wish we still had the Cardinals in our division -- even this year.

In news related to DVDA'a post above, please be pleased that Mother Nature continues to fight back against celebrity douchebags:

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Muumuuman said...

Shortly after critiquing the use of preseason statistics you follow by using Gibbs previous preseason statistics. Then you follow with Steelers preseason statistics. Interesting strategem. Perhaps the fried chicken grease is clogging some arteries in your brain. Last year the Skins had a great run at the end to go from 5-6 to 10-6 to nab a wild card. However, the theory that Joe Gibbs is using some crappy playbook to fool the competition while keeping his super-secret playbook under raps is a bit naïve. We all know from movies that Giant Eagle Cowboys always defeat indians, except in a few recent liberal apologenic films. Time will tell how the season goes, but like last year I expect some early struggles for the Skins. We’ll see if they can master the super-secret playbook late season and make a run for a wild card again.