Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Weak NFC North?

So, I've heard a lot of discussion on TV and read quite a bit here about the sucktitude of the NFC north, and I don't think there is an ounce of truthiness to all the exaggerated North bashing. So, the horrid NFC north holds Seattle and Alexander to 3 FG, and the Vikings beat the unstoppable Skins and thier non-field goal watching hall of fame coach. Perhaps Gibby should watch the kicking so he can see first hand his special teams are thriving. The only bad loss the division suffered was self inflicted, the masturbatory divisional thumping the Bears laid on the Pack. How's that super-strong NFC east? 1-3 over all? Yes I know, a few years back the Panthers won thier first game only to lose the next 15, and New England lost thier first game (badly if I remember to the Bills) only to win 14 out of the next 15, and win the Superbowl. Green Bay will come back from thier defeat (the Raiders may not), after all they posted 5-11 record in 2005 which is pretty good considering they lost thier top two backs and recievers early last year. Withouty Dillon, Maroney, Caldwell, and Branch his holyness Tom Brady would also strive to win just five.

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