Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Badcock's Predictions

Behold: the 2006 NFL season is at last here. These are my predictions for the top Superbowl contenders. For information as to why predicted division winners Colts and Bears are not true contenders, see Badcock's other brilliantly-argued columns.

AFC EAST: New England Patriots Strengths: intelligent, flexible coaching staff, poised QB, O-line, D-line & LBs, pass defense. Weaknesses: WR depth, run defense, another brand-new inexperienced D coach. Variables: RBs Dillon vs. Maroney, S Harrison's return from injury

AFC NORTH: Pittsburgh Steelers Strengths: coaching continuity, O-Line, run defense, playmakers at LB & DB extremely talented. Weaknesses: might lack power run game, WR depth. Variables: QB health

AFC CENTRAL: Denver Broncos Strengths: coaching continuity, well-schemed O & D more important than personnel, O-Line, run defense, LBs. Weaknesses: pass rush, red zone D, DBs after Bailey, impatience. Variables: Jake Plummer: charade or facade?, WR health.

NFC EAST: Washington Redskins Strengths: finest head coach & coordinator group in the NFL (Gibbs, Williams, Saunders), running game, man-for-man best skill positions in NFL, aggressive bone-fracturing defense. Weaknesses: new offense, special teams (PK & Punter are atrocious). Variables: QB position, assimilation of new offense

NFC SOUTH: Carolina Panthers Strengths: coaching continuity, vertical & horizontal passing game, D-line talent & depth, CBs. Weaknesses: RB depth, LB stability. Variables: WR Johnson, O-Line

NFC WEST: Seattle Seahawks Strengths: coaching continuity (noticing a theme here?), MVP RB Alexander, 2006 highest-rated QB Hasselbeck, O-Line (including FB Strong), D-Line and LBs gives up yards not points, very easy schedule, best red zone team overrall 2006. Weaknesses: DB depth, difficulty vs. spread offenses Variable: letdown after losing Superbowl?

My final prediction? WASHINGTON REDSKINS beat Pittsburgh Steelers


Muumuuman said...

Wow! Why play the 2006 season at all! The very same teams in the playoffs - what a stretch! And I got bitched out for using the preseason as an indicator. Is this based on last years season completely exept the part where Washington looses? OK Uncle Rico:

"If coach just put me in we could have won state!"


"If Washington could just injure Alexander - wait, they did, I mean if Moss had caught that pass and Hall made that fieldgoal we'd be champs!!!"

Hey, it's 2006, the Vikings are defeating Washington and the Lions are upseting the Seahawks. You heard it here first.

Badcock said...

ABSOLUTE NONSENSE FROM MUUMER. The top six teams last year in the playoffs were Colts, Broncos, Cincinnati & Seahawks, Chicago, Tampa Bay . That's a 66% (predicted) turnover of the top teams in one year, actually rather high even in the free agent era.

If you can't tell the difference in importance between last year's regular season and this year's expo-games, I can't really help you out.

Good luck with the Detroit roster of Clint Stickdorn, Courtney Van Buren and Matt McGhgy.

Muumuuman said...

Top 6 in 2004: Atlanta, Phily, Green Bay, New England, Pittsburg, and Indy. So, oh - bold font, ONE TEAM remained in the top 6. One. That's 83%. 2003: Philly, Carolina, St. Louis, New England, Indy, and Kansas City. Ok 50%. 2002: Philly, Green Bay, Tampa, Pit, Tenn, Oaktown. Another 83%. 100% of your divisional champs were in the playoffs last year, not gonna happen. I'm also sorry to say the Giants are clearly winning East.

Miwacar said...

It seems that you have left out the best division in football. Idiot!