Saturday, September 02, 2006

Superbowl Contenders?

Badcock has thrown down the gauntlet, looking to hear from the other contributors about their teams. I will go him one better and talk about his favorite team. He has spent so much time deriding the virtues of most other NFL teams, that he has completely ignored the facts as they pertain to his Washington Race Baiters. They had received some preseason praise, yet most of it was early and seemingly inaccurate, as you can't find a sane soul who will pick them for shit now. A preseason of utter offensive ineptitude, coupled with the injury that Clinton Portis suffered, and you start to see the early praise rotting on the vine. Even if Portis is able to play in game one, he will not be 100%, and will more than likely face a long season in which the shoulder will only get worse and that is a horrible scenario for the 'Skins, because as Badcock said himself, they have no QB.

The 'Skins will slowly recover from an opening night loss to a strong defensive Vikings team (sounds really wierd to say that). The NFC East is the most competitive division in football and the 'Skins non-divisional schedule isn't easy. They will finish 9-7 with L. Betts being their biggest offensive producer. I think it will take ten wins to secure the wildcard, so the Washington Redskins will not make the playoffs. What good is a talented receiving core when you don't have a QB that can get them the ball? Oh snap!

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Muumuuman said...

I'll one up you and I'm not a die-hard Minnesota fan: Washington gets shut out week one. In the preseason Washington managed to score 27 points, the lowest in the league while the Vikings only allowed 43, the lowest in the league. Washington has no discernable defense and despite the hype they are a Payton Manning and Edge short of an offense. The Angel of Clinton Portis (who I kept over Rudi Johnson in my fantasy league....stupid muumuuman...) will be no help. On the plus side rookie Mike Espy looks good, and perhaps some players may win Espy's playing the Skin's this year. Sorry freaky Hogettes, by week 6 you'll be wearing bags instead of pig noses.