Thursday, September 07, 2006

Bert, Blog For Us, Drop as Many F-Bombs as You Want

So, totally awesome color commentator for the Twins, Bert Blyleven got suspended for two days after accidently dropping a couple of "fucks" after he screwed up what he thought was a taped segment.

We think that unfair, mainly because if we were Bert Blyleven, whole parts of our commentary would be littered with angry obscenities directed towards the sports writing community. We would work it into some of our calls:

"Torii Hunter swings at a fastball up in the zone, and it is going back, back, and I should be in the Fucking Hall of Fame already. These fucking kids who vote in players--did they not see my World Series performance? Do they not know I had one of the best fucking curveballs ever in the fucking game? It's fucking bullshit, and Hunter hits a game winning homerun in the 10th."

I'm just saying is all.

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