Thursday, September 28, 2006

Another Appropriated Sports Neologism

As reported by the AP, and commented on by this blog, the Austrian and Swiss hosts of Euro 2008 Completely Hugged the Panda when they unveiled their mascots.

But what we have here is a Homer, as defined by the Simpsons, where in an incompetent act actually ends up helping. We're using the word "helping" loosely, in that it helps us coin another neologism.

One of the sets of names for the scary, scary Euro 2008 mascot twins (marking, by the way, the first time the Euro Cup has gone with multiple characters for their mascot) has pulled a Homer, in our minds.

We present our newest addition to the I Dislike Your Favorite Team dictionary:

Flitz and Bitz--Sports related, public relations Bullshit. Easily recognized public relations bullshit. Alternatively, A thin coat of veneer of truth upon a heavily wormwooded, old, dangerously unstable piece of bullshit.

As in: "This story T.O.'s agent is concocting? Good God, is that ever a bunch of Flitz and Bitz."
"As a fantasy owner of Mike Bell, I'm getting awfully tired of the Shanahan Flitz and Bitz."

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