Saturday, December 16, 2006

NCAA Hoops Round Up: UNC Asheville Shaved a Yeti

I can't prove that 7'6" Kenny George is a shaved Yeti. But it is awfully odd to see someone on the basketball court who dunks without even pretending to jump.

At this moment, there doesn't appear to footage of Kenny George on either YouTube of Google Video, which is crazy! Dunks without leaving the ground, and it hasn't been YouTubed? Disappointing.

(7) Wisconsin 89, (2) Pittsburgh 75

This game will be talked as though it was an upset, but I don't think it was. Wisconsin is deeper, and more talented, and has a marquee player in Alando Tucker. Pitt is also deep and talented, is still searching for its marquee player. Perhaps they'll claim that Aaron Gray is their marquee player, who was still feeling the effects of his strep throat, though he played awfully well. But Wisconsin has 3 big guys to counter-act any team's one, and this time around, Charlie Butch stepped up, with 27 points. Oh, and the 6-11 Honky hits 3 pointers. Like a European. After Pitt dodged a bullet against fuckin' Buffalo, and Wisconsin handled Marquette earlier in the week, it seemed like destiny that these teams would switch positions. Sconnie is definitely going to be Top 5 after Monday. And Pitt will certainly drop out of the top 5, and maybe even the top 10.

Almost everyone in the top 25 took care of business. UCLA, North Carolina, Ohio State, 'Bama, Texas A&M, Butler, Washington, Nevada, Marquette, Syracuse. They all beat the teams they were supposed to, and quite handily.

But One. (18) Gonzaga lost to Georgia, of all folks.

Gonzaga looked lost, frankly, turning the ball over way too many times. They had trouble getting the ball to Heyveldt down low. Whitey Gym Rat Freshman Matty Bouldin looked a bit lost, and Raivio couldn't pull enough John Stocktonish moves on his own to win the game. Gonzaga got close a number of times, but Georgia kept their composure, and reopened leads when they closed. Stukes was a killer on the perimeter, and Sundiata Gaines was scoring from everywhere. Commentator Rick Majerus opened up his Georgia Media Guide, and fell back on his love of Disney movies, to repeatedly remind his audience that Sundiata means "Lion Prince", but "If he keeps playing like this, we'll have to call him a Lion King!"

Hey uh, Rick. Stop it. You bust that reference once, and your co-worker clearly fakes laughter, you don't bring it up again in the second half so your co-worker has to fake laughter in more boisterous fashion--"ha, ha. That's a good one, coach!"

I think Raivio's acting acumen has been undersold. He was brilliant in V for Vendetta.

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