Sunday, December 03, 2006

Maybe Joe Gibbs just needs another high priced assistant

I think that Skins fans are being a bit quick to judge poor ole Joe in the wake of another disappointing loss bringing the Redskins to an overall record of 4 up and 8 down. I think that he just needs one more multi-million dollar assistant to help him come to terms with this new fangled NFL. Sure, some might say that paying coordinators more than your average head coach might be enough, but I disagree. If Danny Snider could just hire an assistant head coach in charge of coaching, maybe this offensive guru/ coaching genius might just have what it takes to make it over the hump to being a .500 team on a regular basis. Until then, I think that this man of deep faith and master of the continuous left turn should still be considered above reproach.


Badcock said...

I wish I had a clever comeback, Jerious. Your namesake ripped a 66 yarder as the Falcons scorched the Redskins for 260 yards on the ground.

No matter who is coaching and what play is called, the players must execute. The Redskins are playing without any desire -- at least not compared to their opponents.

I am crushed, again, by my love for ol' Dixie.

Big Blue Monkey said...

Badcock, this is simply not the forum for you to sneak in a reference to your unrequited love/fetish for Dixie Carter.

It's gross.

Badcock said...

Fuck Dixie Carter.

I was talking about Winn-Dixie supermarkets.

Now that's what I call rotisserie chicken!

Do they have rotisserie chicken?

Badcock said...


I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge that Jerious Norwood's post was a fine example of irony as a rhetorical device.

You see, his actual meaning is the opposite what he wrote. Very good.

Now if we can just teach him how to used the word "literally" and how to wipe himself, he'll be ready to enter the adult world.

And by that, I mean XXX Tranny Granny porn.

Sportingo said...

how do i get in touch with the administrator of this site?

[email protected]

Badcock said...

It's Big Blue Monkey!

Whatever we're in trouble for, I didn't do it.

Praise Allah and Jesus!