Saturday, December 02, 2006

College Hoops Round Up

I will not discuss the Georgetown loss, as they should have won that game, and I only know that they will advance further than Duke in March, and that's all that matters. Best acquaint yourself with Roy Hibbert and Jeff Green. They are both NBA quality, which is more than I can say for Greg Paulus or McRoberts, or most of the Duke squad.

(5) Kansas 57 , DePaul 64

DePaul wins? Really? The Blue Demons haven't had a real team in ages, and I don't think they are a real team this year. This just shows that Kansas plays as good as the team they face. They beat Florida, in expert fashion, with a Healthy Corey Brewer ballin' against them. And they can't handle the awesome attack of dudes whose names you shouldn't know playing for DePaul? Fucking DePaul? Write it down right now--Kansas will finish well, get a #2 or #3 or #4 seed in the tournament, and then lose to their first round game.

(7) UNC 75, Kentucky 63
In boring news, UNC takes care of Kentucky. Kentucky held current ESPN handjob target Tyler Hansborough to 7 points. Turns out he isn't the entire team after all! There are black guys on that team who are pretty good ballers, too!

I didn't watch the game, but I'm assuming that Reyshawn Terry is not white.

I think if Tubby Smith wants to be successful, he needs his wife to start pumping out more kids. No Tubby kids on the team=failure. The SEC as a whole may be on the most clamitious slide as a conference in NCAA hoops history. I think the Missouri Valley Conference is now more of a power conference than the once awesome SEC.

(14) Memphis 77, Manhattan 59
This win doesn't count for anything at all, and therefore doesn't get a link.

(12) Wisconsin 79, Florida International 63
UW continues beating up on teams that sound like fake colleges. Big game coming up next week, though. UW versus Marquette for bragging rights in the state of Wisconsin, and since Minnesota, Iowa, and Iowa State are all having down years, it is a huge game for bragging rights in the Northern Plains! Wooo! Woo! woo. Kammron Taylor still looks like Chris Rock, and Alondo Tucker still makes me think of Lando Calrissian.

(23)Gonzaga 87, Texas 77
In some polls, Texas is ranked. No longer. Gonzaga beat them badly--10 points doesn't really describe the asskicking Texas got handed by uber-honkies Ravio, Heyveldt, and Freshman sensation, Matt Bouldin. Texas' own Freshman Sensation, Kevin Durant, played a hell of a game.

(9) Texas A&M 74, Pacific 62
I had no idea that Texas A&M was ranked in the top 10, and I have a hard time believing they'll stay there long, even with the crushing of Juggernauts like Pacific.

Biggest Non-upset Upset:
(17) Wichita St. 64, (15) Syracuse 61
Do not Fuck with the Shockers! Syracuse held P.J. Couisinard to 3 points, and still lost. The shockers held off a late rally to win this game, which they led by a shitload of points for a good part of the game.

Biggest Real Upset
North Dakota State Bison 64, (8) Marquette 60
Well, I hope Marquette enjoyed being in the Top 10, because they won't be back there for awhile, after losing to perennial jokes North Dakota State. Only one of these teams will be in the NCAA tournament, and I'm guessing this game will serve as a wake-up call for Marquette, after playing pretty well up until now. One, you can not fuck with the Bison (who knocked off UW last year) and Two, you aren't as good as you think you are. Marquette will drop out of the top 10, easily, and maybe even the top 15. They deserve that droppage. But they'll be a team that no one wants to play in March. Maybe they'll be the team that knocks off Kansas in the first round. Who knows.

But let's hear it for North Dakota State!

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