Tuesday, December 19, 2006

NCAA Hoops Round Up: Kent State You Broke My Heart Edition

Note: Written Last Night, but then Blogger wouldn't let me publish! Boo, Blogger. Here it is anyway. More NCAA hoops in a bit. Plus NFL so good You'll Want To Gouge Your Eyes Out! (tm)

First of all, as always, you should go read Seth Davis' column. He takes an odd route to get there (why do I want a visit from the Jigsaw Man? That sounds scary.), but his latest column on teams missing one good piece, (and where that piece is playing now) is an interesting read.

On to the Round Up!

(6) Duke 79, Kent State 72

Honestly, I think if this game were played at Kent State, they would have this fucker. Duke looked out of sorts in front of their own crowd, and of course, so did Kent State at times. There was a moment in the second half, where Kent State was up by 5, and Duke turned the ball over. Kent State failed to get the lead up to 7, and I just say there, thinking to myself, "That's it. Duke's winning this thing." They have that aura about them. And I hate that. And I hate the continued Handjobbery of Josh McRoberts, as evidenced by the AP article. Indomitable Spirit? It was Duke at Home against Kent Fucking State!

Kent State has an All-Nation player name in Haminn Quaintance, who's a pretty serious baller, as well.

Oh, and for those who are uncomfortable with obvious sexual nature of The Wichita State Shockers, may we suggest to you that the Kent State Golden Flashes may have just the amount of innuendo you are looking for?

Teams that took care of business:

(1) UCLA beats Sam Houston by 14
(2) UNC beats Florida Atlantic by 47
(3) Ohio State beats Iowa State by 19
(8) Wichita State beats Kennesaw St by 9
(11) Kansas beats Winston-Salem by 51
(19) Marquette beats Oakland by 18
(20) Notre Dame beats Portland by 17
(23) Syracuse beats Drexel by -5

Ooops, one of those top 25 teams won by negative points. Syracuse done got beat by the Dragons of Drexel, 84-79. And the buzz was all about Drexel knocking off Syracuse and Villanova in the same week. But umm, Syracuse isn't very good, are they? They've lost to a few teams already. But losing to Drexel? As the scary puppet things said in The Dark Knight Returns, "ewww, yourself, bitch."

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