Saturday, December 23, 2006

In Celebration of Peter Bondra's 500th Goal

We don't talk much hockey on this blog, despite the fact that everyone who contributes to it either lives, or has lived in Minnesota, which is of course, Hockey U.S.A. Did you know that the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame is located in Minnesota? In Eveleth? Did you know that it looks really similar to that building that housed a couple of failed fast food franchises? It's sad, really.

Why don't we talk hockey here? Possibly because none of us ever really played it, assuming one discounts the hours and hours and anger and money spent on Sega Hockey (particularly years spanning 1993-1997). It was video game hockey that taught me to love the Capitals, grudgingly respect the Penguins, dislike the Blackhawks, and absolutely fucking Hate the New Jersey Devils.

In those days, there was a lot to love about the Capitals, despite their deserved reputation as playoff choke artists, Joe Juneau (one of the ugliest men in hockey at the time) and Dale Hunter and Jim Carrey--the Caps were a team that was fun to get behind.

But the most exciting player on the ice back when I cared about hockey was Peter Bondra. Fast and quick, and tricky with the puck, with a wicked wrist shot. After years and years of great play with the Caps the management decided he was old enough to cut loose. So he's journeyed since--with Atlanta last year, he was out of the league this year until December 10th. And then he was signed, and today, he scored his 500th career goal, a game-winner for the fucking Chi-town Blackhawks!

I don't care enough about hockey anymore to have any idea how important that win might be for the Blackhawks (the regular season still has what? 3 months left to it?). But I'm extraordinarily, oddly even, proud that Pete Bondra is just the 37th player in NHL history to score 500 goals. See your crudely painted visage in Eveleth, Petey!


Phil said...

My buddy Tim + Bondra on break-away = shattered joystick on the ground.

Badcock said...

Stephane Richer from the blue line sweet spot ... GOAL!

The Devils just whipped the Capitals for approximately the 300th consecutive time. That's approaching the HURRICANE standard.

I'm back in NJ because my father was in the hospital again. Hockey coverage in NM is, understandably, non-existent. The little grandmother (abuelita) who had the recipe for ice died in 1965 and she didn't pass the recipe on to anyone.