Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Chuck D kicks it (as it were)

I'm not sure how anything this righteous made by the gatekeepers at ESPN, but this actually made up for the fact that I was forced to listen to Sly Stallone advertise Rocky XII (the post colostomy years)with the houseslaves known as the Monday Night Football crew.

Parenthetically, as I was standing in line at my local Bruegger's Bagels happily anticipating my yummy Western omelet, who should walk in and stand in line behind me but the one and only Mike Tirico. Yes, it was everything you can imagine and much more. The only detail that I'll mention is that he was wearing a Bluetooth in his ear (Yes, he's that dorky)


Anonymous said...

If you had Tirico's number, wouldn't you blow him up too?

Was he as short and squat as he looks on TV?

And Fake Jerious Norwood, thanks for the awesome TD on Sunday! You're officially a playmaker now.

Big Blue Monkey said...

Hey who is to say that we'd don't have the real Jerious Norwood, and the Fake one is playing for Atlanta. Maybe that Jerious is totally biting our Jerious' style. Maybe his name 5 years ago was Stanley Mittenschuffer.


Badcock said...

I love Ali.

As for Mike Tirico and "Bruegger's Bagels" all I can say is Fight the Power.