Saturday, December 09, 2006

Blog Rodeo!

Critical Sports: They are also wondering whither Iverson. They have copy from Garnett that suggests (unsurprisingly) that the Big Ticket would like a bad ass scorer/competitor.

BatGirl correspondent Twain expresses their disgust with the lack of Twin's manuevering via satire.

Sanford Soccer Net puts together two pieces of information that alone are innocuous. Together, horrific. One, that Klinsmann is withdrawing from considering for USA Soccer Coach. Two, that fucking Bob Bradley is taking the Interim Head Coach position. This is why you don't fire Bruce Arena until you have a fucking plan, US Soccer.

The Postmen Have Absolutely Fucking Awesome Video as Milwaukee Sportscaster Kevin ("No My Brother's Name is Not Mike") Hunt has had enough of the cultural elitism of Jon Salley, and decides to play video of Todd Day from draft day back in 1992. It is priceless. It is gorgeous. Obviously, the way YouTube works, we could put the video on our site, but that would be wrong. Go watch it on the Postmen. They deserve the credit for digging this out.

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