Monday, December 18, 2006

Didier Drogba Does Not Care to Draw Everton

This is how games should end. I hate Chelsea, and their obscenely loaded roster, but I can't complain about the moments it produces. Everton was up 2-1 with about 10 minutes to go when Frank Lampard gets just a little bit of space and does this:

The game looks headed to a draw, when Didier Drogba pulls some magic out in the 87th minute, and just hammers a ball from 30 yards out that has just a sick amount of topspin. This ball, at one point, looks like it is going to sail high over the bar. Then it comes crashing down just underneath. Chelsea, in the space of 10 minutes goes from getting 0 points to 3, with just beautiful goals to do it, too. I hate them, but they are fun to watch.

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