Saturday, December 02, 2006

Our Black Lady Friend Explains NFL Dancing

Recent crush Head Chick in Charge of Leave the Man Alone emailed us to inform us she was going to do our half-dozen of whities a favor and help catalogue and maybe, just maybe, explain some of the NFL celebrations we have seen this year.

She followed up beautifully, with this post here.

In the title of her post, the Head Chick suggests that she is our only black friend. Which hurts us, because we were really striving to have lots and lots of black lady friends. Is it our fault that Halle Berry didn't respond to our offer to a sleepover? Or that Angela Bassett ignored our invite to our Crisco Twister party? Or that we were very interested in becoming Tyra Banks' friend until she got her own TV show, and revealed herself to be fucking crazy? Or that Sheryl Swoopes rather spend time with ladies? That isn't our fault, Head Chick in Charge! Also, I know who Erma Franklin is. Do you? Hmmmm?

At this juncture, we would like to point out that "Head Chick" has the exact same number of syllables as "Charles" so we can now sing the Charles in Charge theme song, replacing Charles with Head Chick. We like it better this way:

Head Chick in Charge Of our days and our nights
Head Chick in Charge Of our wrongs and our rights
And I sing, I want, I want Head Chick in Charge of me.



Anonymous said...

Ya'll are retarded. Plain retarded.

Garwood B. Jones said...

I'd feel better about myself if she gave me a comically exaggerated nick name like Fat Garwood the Gangsta. Would it help to know that for a while during my sophomore year of high school I wore green, black, and red and had a t-shirt that said "Save the Motherland" with a picture of Africa on it?

Yeah... I thought not.