Saturday, December 02, 2006

Blog Round Up!

Our recent crush over at Leave the Man Alone wants you to know that Carmello Anthony's fiance has Two Pickets To Tittsburgh. Rumor has it that if all the fellas here at IDYFT flirt with the Head Chick of Leave the Man Alone she will eventually fall in love with one of us. We are currently looking for ways to prove ourselves locked into hip culture. I'm a big fan of Deltron 3030, by the by!

the Fan's Attic have decided that this NFL season is more entertaining than they were expecting, and they highlight Frank Gore as the reason why. They are clearly forgetting about the Two Headed Monster of Brooks/Walter just across the bridge.

The Critical Sports Blog Reports on Malfeasance involving an XBox and a Wisconsin Football player No, he did not try to fuck it. Just steal it. You don't fuck an XBox when there are co-eds and cows within walking distance.

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