Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Barbaro Never Did That. Barbaro Never Did Nothing For Nobody!

updated to include a new picture of El Kabong

Via BoingBoing, a couple of articles that struck me:

First of all, a horse, who maybe didn't win any big races, and maybe didn't become America's Equine Sweetheart, but My Buddy Chimo has become America's Equine Jesus. My Buddy Chimo healed the blind. Well, one blind guy. In a very French midfielder/Hanna-Barbera kind of way.

Don Karkos, a WWII vet and security guard at Monticello Raceway, was headbutted by My Buddy Chimo. The result? According to the article, "Hours after the horse smacked the 82-year-old paddock security guard in exactly the same spot as the shrapnel gashed his forehead in combat in 1942, he realised his vision was returning. "

Hear that, Barbaro? While you were off getting special treatment, My Buddy Chimo is healing fucking blind WWII Veterans--they're the greatest generation, not you, My UnBuddy Barbaro.

Speaking of getting whacked in the head and regaining faculties, it should be noted with sadness that cartoon legend Joe Barbera has died. Along with Bill Hanna, Barbera created Tom & Jerry, which right there should be enough for a monument on the National Mall. Their quality animation probably reached a high point with Tom & Jerry, but they also created the Flintstones, the Jetsons, and a ton more besides.

So how to combine cartoonish horse violence, brave fighters, and Hanna Barbera? El Kabong!


sammy said...

Man, shooting that horse would have saved us from so much meaningless coverage.

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Anonymous said...

With all your strength and determination you kept your fighting spirits, with the odds against you. You my friend never gave up until the very end, when we felt that you should not suffer any longer. You gave us all hope that we too must do the same in our everyday lives. Barbaro, be in piece now and know you were loved by many. It will be a long time before we see another majestic animal such as Barbaro again.