Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Future of Sports

The Wii looks like it could become some crazy-ass cultural phenomenon before everything is said and done. That may be akin to saying "I think the Internet is here to stay." But it does strike me that if the Japanese can trick our obscenely obese younger children into exercising via the Wii, then it shouldn't take too long for there to be some sort of professional league set up around the Wii. They are already Professional gaming associations set up around PC and Xbox games, which are incredibly boring to watch.

I tell you right now, if there is ever a Wii Jai-Alai tournament, I'm watching the hell out of it. It would be, at worst, hilarious.

Via the Powerful Nerds of BoingBoing, I'm going to pass along the photo pool on flickr--people playing with their Wii. There's all sorts of madness going on in photos--grandpa types, little kids, cute nerdgals, and of course, plenty of pasty white kids in their 20's. Take a look when you are trying to kill time come Friday afternoon.

photo credit: Luke Johnson

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