Tuesday, December 05, 2006

NCAA Hoops Round Up!

(24) Xavier 88, Detroit 55

Xavier isn't in the top 25 in both polls, I don't think, but they should probably be right where they are--between 22 and 26. Beating up on Detroit doesn't really help their case. But it's fucking Xavier, who tends to have one great player every 5 years (James Posey, anyone?). Say Hello to Josh Duncan, Xavier's center, who went 9-11 from the field. He didn't take another shot just so he could honor the Day That Changed Everything.

(18) Gonzaga 67, Washington State University, 77

Washington State University has some Kryponite in its pockets, and it is a Dick Bennett defense. Dick's son, Tony Bennett (really!) is running the show, but the game in WashState has been crafted by D. Bent. And he knows how to shut down offenses. Remember when Wisconsin won games whilst scoring less than 60 points? Dick Bennett. Washington State is now 8-1, and having knocked off a national ranked team, they may in a position to push into the Top 30. One more win against a real opponent, and they'll crack the top 20.

(22) Oklahoma State 72 , (21) Syracuse 68

Say Hello to the lowest rated 10-0 team in a major conference--Oklahoma State! Also, say Hello to maybe the most overrated team in the Big East with two losses--whiny Jim Boeheim's Orange!

There were a couple of really important freshman to watch in this game. Syracuse's Paul Harris, who everyone acknowledges is "not quite there" yet had a hell of a second half. For Oklahoma State, Obi Muonelo had his 10th game in double figures, with 11 points. Which we can all agree, is kind of just barely keeping that stat alive. The player who really showed himself to be a badass freshman, and a potential College Hoops Name of the Year, is JamesOn Curry. Really, that's not a typo. JamesOn. Pronounced, "James-On". Really. Florida Transfer Mario Boggan was also a bad ass. Look out for OK State.

(9) LSU 64, (6) Texas A&M, 52

Some smartass on this blog said that Texas A&M wouldn't be in the Top Ten for very long. Based on the fact they couldn't beat the one Man Fat Band of "Big Baby" Glen Davis, I'd say that smartass is quite right. And yeah, I'm biased, because that smartass was me. Texas A&M cracked the top 25 because they hadn't lost to anybody, but they hadn't really played anybody either. Now they have, and they lost.


Badcock said...

Big Blue Monkey et al,
In all sincerity, please watch college basketball and tell me what's going on. I myself do not have a TV. At my pal's place, I watch the Redskins every (weak) week and also the Red Zone Channel, possibly one of the 7 Wonders of the World.

I am entirely focused on the NFL but football will end (tragically, and yet magically remade next year for the possible champion Redskins).

I would like to know what's happening in college hoops. NCAA hoops is (fading, distant) 2nd to pro football in my Pantheon.

Fuck the Dallas Cowboys.

I don't want to hear about pro basketball. At least not until July, when the 2nd half of the season starts.

BUT seriously, please keep up with college hoops for me. I can only see very occasional games and I have no idea what's happening besides the crap-tastic New Mexican newspapers.

Muchas gracias, con muy grande zapatos!

Go Wichita State Shockers! I'll race you!

Anonymous said...

About JamesOn... You really have to ask the parents, because every name has a story. I will say that it is almost sport to come up with the most unique name possible for your child. This goes all the way from insanely complicated spelling for common names to ridiculous, totally made up names. Another naming methodology is combining the parents' names. E.g., if his dad's name is James and his mother's name is Onika. Another theory that it was an intentional play on words. E.g., Vivica A. Fox.

Anonymous said...

JamesOn=James+Leon, true story, and he might be a candidate for badass freshman of the year except for the fact that he is a junior.