Tuesday, December 26, 2006

NJ Giants are the Celine Dion of the NFL

Unaccountably popular. Dreadfully lame. And need to go back to Canada.

Despite dropping 6 of 7 and failing to run a single play in their opponent's territory, the Giants have the inside track for the last wildcard spot. Can't we cancel the wildcard round, just this once? This is so pathetic even the Giants are embarrassed. Tiki Barber: "You know what, thinking about the playoffs is not even…I don’t even think it’s on our radar. We just want to play well. We have one more game against a division rival. It’s on the road, and we just need to play well."

The Washington Redskins have a chance to Bring the Justice on Saturday, and restore some dignity & decorum to the NFC.

By the way, nice catch Shockey. Speaking of nice catches, the unofficial record has T.O. leading the NFL in drops. Anyone ever notice that whenever things go wrong, he's always got someone else to blame? Yeah, I noticed that too. I hope he plays for the Giants next year. I think he'd be great in the player-coach mode, since Coughlin will likely be in the crematorium by next September. Here's a telling remark from the fella that caught ZERO passes in the second half, but had the time to let a couple drop through his baby-soft hands. Emphasis added: "I was embarrassed by the way we played offensively." That's an interesting take on the whole "team" concept.

Let's all work together and root for the Redskins to end this travesty. The Giants don't deserve to be playoff fodder. Of course, neither do the Packers, Panthers etc.

And can we change the name of the NJ Giants to something more meaningful? Like the NJ Bedshitters?


Jerious Norwood said...

Can we change the name of the Skins to the Bedshit-lickers?

Badcock said...

No, that would be inappropriate.

Nicknames for the Raiders are unnecessary because they are 2-13. There's not any point in insulting them at this point.

They couldn't make it to the bed to shit in it.