Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Matt Taylor Remembered to Sacrifice a Chicken Before the Game

The weekend (that would be just this last one) as the Essien goal, Matt Taylor of Portsmouth decided, "Hey, I'm good enough to try this." I don't know what kind of ego someone has to have to even attempt this shot in the middle of real game, but kudos to Matty for giving it a go. Yes, it may be a fluke, it may be lucky. But I couldn't do it, no matter how much luck you gave me. I could have eaten leprechauns for breaksfast, and I couldn't have done this.

Garwood B. Jones will eventually step up to the plate to remind of the big talentless Polack who scored a goal like this in an exhibition game between the Chicago Fire and the Minnesota Thunder.

Those of you who are Deadspin readers first and foremost have probably already seen this. Those of you who haven't, enjoy.

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