Saturday, December 09, 2006

More on AI

In following up on a previous post by our fearless monkey leader, I'd just like to say that I hope AI goes to the Woofies. It'd be the perfect fit, and at least would be fun to watch. But that's the point, the team that gets Iverson will be fun to watch, probably make the playoffs (obviously in the East) and then get eliminated sometime before the conference finals. For that, no one should give up too much. Actually, the biggest thing the 6er's could get in return would be cap space (get rid of Webber too?) and a better than average shot at being the worst team in the league. There are 3 franchise changing players in this draft, and that's the obvious endgame that people should be looking at. To that point, it brings the awe inspiring idiocy of Isaiah Thomas to mythic levels. The jackass not only has eaten up NY's cap space for the next decade with fat and unmotivated 6'7'' power forwards, but also traded not one but two number one picks to Chicago for one fat and unmotivated 7 footer with a heart ailment. This means that not only can Chicago remain (kind of) competitive in the present, but it also has the opportunity to draft Greg Oden with the Knicks number one pick this year. God almighty, this man is stupid.


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ESPN has a somewhat cool offering called, The Trade Machine. It will test potential trades against NBA rules.

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