Sunday, December 24, 2006

Billy Packer is A Brilliant Man, With Well Thought Out Ideas

So, during Florida's schooling of Ohio State, CBS took some time to let Billy Packer spout off on his new Crazy Packer Idea. We can know that CBS scheduled this discussion, because they had video queued up, just waiting for the crazy.

Billy Packer's Idea: A New Football position, just special teams, just Field Goal blocking specialists, called "Eliminators".

Billy Packer has watched just enough College Football to notice that the men who block field goals tend to be about 6 feet tall, and with their arms straight up in the air, and jumping, they may reach somewhere around 6' 9".

Billy's idea? The Eliminator! Why not put Joachim Noah in a football uniform, and only have out there for the blocking of field goals? He's 7'0, with a crazy wingspan and some hops. Why, practically no one could get a kick over his outstretched arms!

As much as I love a Tough Little Monkey like Billy Packer offering up crazy ideas on Football (a sport that he is as much an expert as Bryant Gumbel is) there does seem to be a few issues that Billy hasn't thought of. I can sum them up thusly:

1) If compact, huge men (say 6' 1", 300 pounds) were allowed to push Noah really hard right in the chest, he wouldn't be very effective in basketball. Therefore, he wouldn't be very effective in football, because those types of men would be pushing him.

2) Also, if somehow, some way, tall lanky basketball players made it onto the College Football pitch, and I were a football coach, I think I'd just back my field goal kicker a few yards. Oh no, because of Joachim Noah, the Field Goal attempt that was going to be 25 yards is suddenly 27 yards! Oh heavens to Murgatroid!

3) Maybe I'd play fake the Field Goal, knowing that there is one guy out there on the defense who can't actually play football. Maybe I get my first down instead of settling for 3 points.

Florida is in the Championship Game, without using Joachim Noah as a specialist Field Goal Blcoker. It is essentially a crazy ass idea. And it was good fun to let Packer spout it (twice saying, "I'm serious" to a skeptical Jim Nantz). But it was an incredibly stupid idea. It sounded like something I'd come up with.

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