Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Creator of IDYFT Scandalized by the Stinky Truth!

It's a sad evening in my world. Team Madrid lost yet again tonight, this time by 3. I was your crappy point guard (in the picture, I'm standing on the far left).

But what's much more existentially terrifying, I have discovered a horrible, foul-smelling secret. A secret that could rock IDYFT to its very bowels.

We've all enjoyed the columns by Big Blue Monkey (nee Big Blue). Even when he digresses into soccer or something about a superhero who looks like the dad in "Gimme a Break!". It also appears that the superhero has two boners. Also, some douche with a magic ring isn't a superhero. Give me a magic ring, I'll kick a fair amount of ass.

But this English major was hiding the stench of his own execrescence. Look at that name again.

"Big Blue Monkey."

That's Big BM. Your name is Big BM.

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