Saturday, December 30, 2006

Smell Ya Later, 2006!

So 2006 is nearing very quickly to a close, and perhaps has ended by the time any of you jerks stop by to see how your old friends at I Dislike Your Favorite Team are doing. You ungrateful curs! Saracen Dogs!

2006, by most accounts, was a pretty crappy year. But it did usher onto this planet our own little blog (and like 300 million others). We set up shop in May of 2006. I don't have stats for those early months, but I know we are doing better now than we were then.

I have to say that I started this blog mainly because I wanted a place to write about the World Cup. But I knew I would need help, and so at the end of the day, I'd just like to take a moment to publicly thank my friends who shrugged their shoulders, said, "Why the fuck not" and contributed. I'm looking forward to your continued (and possibly increased) activity in 2007. Garwood and Barnyard, I'm looking at you two, in particular.

To everyone else: On behalf of everyone at IDYFT, we'd like to say thanks for checking us out, thanks for sticking around and reading it, and thanks for commenting. We could probably stand a few more comments, to be frank, but I know you all are out there all the same, and we sincerely, deeply appreciate the idea of that people are actually wasting their valuable time reading the ridiculous crap we waste our somewhat valuable time writing. It's gratifying. Very special thanks to Will (and weekend anchor MJD) at Deadspin, who linked to us at the very beginning, and wrote an email that said something like, "You guys aren't too bad. Keep it up."

Thanks to all the other blogs who have linked to us as well. All ya'll are OK in our book.

We've had a pretty good year here, and for those of you who came late to the party, you should explore our totally new awesome archives (they are on the left column over there). You thought we helped you waste time before? Imagine reading about Boof Bonser, or Cole Ford, or whoever. You can do that. You can even be paid for it, if you read our nonsense at work.

A final thanks to everyone who participated in our first true interactive project, the Sports Legion of Doom. It was called the Greatest Mental Exercise in the History of the Internet.* That was maybe the most fun thing we did, and it wouldn't have worked if we didn't have people nominating awful, awful Sports Figures. It is totally possible we would have forgotten all about Dave Bliss, if not for the comments.

Oh, and I can't let the new year come into the house without saying one last time, Tom Powers is a Stupid Fat Fuck.

Peace Out, Little G's! See you in 2007!

*by a friend of ours.


Phil said...

Thank you. Have a good new year.

Badcock said...

Phil, he wasn't referring to you.

God, the ego of some people...